Traco GFX
Avid x Vizrt

Traco GFX integrates Viz Pilot, by Vizrt – a powerful template-based graphics system for journalists on Avid MediaCentral | Cloud UX, allowing for your terrific graphic to be quickly distributed to live broadcasts or social channels.

Why is Traco GFX
for me?

With Traco GFX you can quickly create professional grade, visually impactful news reports, anywhere, anytime.


With Traco GFX, you can react instantly to current events and provide up to the minute news. Viz Pilot template integration gives you full access to a wide range of graphic captions, tables and animations, which can be added to your report and adjusted on the timeline with ease. All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet with web browser to create end-to-end reports from anywhere.

pre Broadcast.

Pomocou Traco GFX dokážete pohotovo reagovať na aktuálne udalosti a prinášať najnovšie správy. Reportáži môžete ihneď pridať grafické titulky zo širokej škály grafických šablón Viz Pilot priamo v rozhraní, upravovať ich načasovanie a trvanie na časovej osi. Týmto spôsobom môžete všetky kroky potrebné na dokončenie reportáže vykonať sami na svojom notebooku, počítači alebo tablete.

Social media

One of the reasons we developed Traco GFX is to offer fast and flexible news reporting to audiences live, via the web and social platforms. Our integrated Cloud UX player allows you to preview news reports with graphics before distributing to your chosen platform.


Traco GFX makes it easy to add audio descriptions and insert multiple layers of closed captions into your news reports, ensuring that your content is fully accessible and available to global audiences. What’s more, Traco GFX can be combined with Traco AI which recognizes faces, making graphic captions far more sophisticated than ever.

the datasheet

Download a comprehensive description of Traco GFX, its functions and super capabilities.