Integration and Support

Our unique online integration with Avid, Vizrt and Octopus allows you to work from anywhere, as if it were a newsroom.

TracoApps allows you to distribute your news stories seamlessly, via social media channels and OTT platforms while taking advantage of a newly improved Avid MediaCentral search archive, powered by machine learning.

With TracoApps, chain of news report production processes are vastly accelerated and journalists can broadcast from anywhere, anytime.For media companies of the future to remain dynamic and flexible we believe in the importance of converging production, post-production, distribution and broadcasting online.

With 20+ years experience in media and tech industries, we integrate established IT systems and emerging technologies across post-production, content distribution, archiving, broadcasting and publishing via a multitude of media platforms. Part of our support offering is to ensure consistent and reliable operation across each of our integrated technologies. With our wealth of experience we are able to offer TracoApps clients unparalleled, cross-platform customer service focussing on high quality troubleshooting and speedy solution driven service.


CNN Prima News, Channel W – Mirror TV Taiwan, TV2 Denmark.

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