Traco AI
Artificial Intelligence Metadata Enrichment

Traco AI uses machine learning and neural networks to provide automatic face recognition search and subtitling. By integrating with Avid Interplay MediaCentral | CloudUX™ and Viz One. Traco AI works as a unique server, which provides a huge performance advantage over other cloud solutions.

Why Traco AI?

With Traco AI you can now automaticaly enrich archiving metadata and than easely search for videos from a huge archive (broadcast, sports, reality show content etc.) anywhere, anytime. What’s more the Traco AI will automatically add suggested captions with a high level of accuracy.

Face detection features

The Traco ‘AI Facer’ search automatically recognises faces based on unique biometric information from the eyes and nose. It then assigns an ID to the detected faces so you can search video content featuring that individual. AI Facer also allows you to search for groups of people featured within the same scene.

pre Broadcast.

Pomocou Traco GFX dokážete pohotovo reagovať na aktuálne udalosti a prinášať najnovšie správy. Reportáži môžete ihneď pridať grafické titulky zo širokej škály grafických šablón Viz Pilot priamo v rozhraní, upravovať ich načasovanie a trvanie na časovej osi. Týmto spôsobom môžete všetky kroky potrebné na dokončenie reportáže vykonať sami na svojom notebooku, počítači alebo tablete.

Quick search features

Thanks to our powerful scalable node system, AI Facer can scan files 25 times faster than real-time, using five simultaneous processes!

Automatic intro caption features

Traco AI allows you to add graphic intro captions directly into a live broadcast. Any individual featured in the database has a unique ID based on their metadata, so during any given broadcast Traco AI can automatically add intro captions including name and title of said individual.

Automatic CC generation features

Traco AI incorporates speech-to-text recognition allowing for automatic closed captioning (CC) generation. With Traco AI you can also extract keywords from recognised texts to improve video search and speech metadata can be integrated into Avid MediaCentral, Viz One and more.

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